Should A Casino Offer “No Smoke” Casinos?


Should A Casino Offer “No Smoke” Casinos?

California’s green, open spaces, and plentiful water supplies are drawing people to Casinos, or rather, “casino gambling.” And the Golden State is getting the reputation as the “No-smoking state” in the U.S.A. So now, even the “smoker’s paradise” is home to some 12 million smokers.

Casinos throughout California have made great strides in recent years, making accommodations for everyone – including patrons with a habit. No longer are they gated communities; no longer are they strictly for sinus trouble… no longer are they strictly for business. Today, you’ll find multi-level restaurants, luxurious hotel rooms, huge game rooms, and all the amenities one would hope for in a top notch casino floor. Smoke-less casinos live up to the name! Now, there are over 150 smokefree facilities, and many are on their way.

Non-smoking is a huge marketing incentive, not just for the casino floor itself, but for the actual property as well. Condominium and townhouse owners are very concerned that their guests will be exposed to second hand smoke, especially from customers with a habit. The are four site has done extensive research on this matter. What they’ve learned is that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke. One hour after the last smoker has walked out of an establishment, it can be detected. They’ve also learned that non-smokers are more likely to visit the casino, thus increasing the property value and making the town house or apartment more valuable in the process.

For a while, the only casino that allowed smoking on the premises was the one at the Colosseum in Venice. It was torn down in 1993. At one time, there were proposals for a casino in Las Vegas with the same problem – the same non-smoking rule. This one, of course, would have included the whole Strip. However, gambling was not yet legalized in Nevada, so such a project was never going to happen. And that means that there aren’t any non-gamblers who could end up inside of the casino, which is always a plus for guests and workers alike.

Another way that casino operations can benefit from having non-smoking rules is in the area of indoor slots. These machines are usually not visible from the casino floor – which means that non-playing slot players won’t be distracted by people puffing away on cigarettes. The noise from the slot machines themselves will drown out the sounds of people talking, and non-playing slot players will be able to get right on with enjoying the game. This makes slot tournaments a lot more fun to play.

There are some problems with non-smoking casinos as well. In some cases, a casino may not be able to attract customers without some sort of incentive. If the casino has free slots for non-paying clients, it may be stuck having to hire non-playing staff to take care of non-paying clients, something that could drive the casino into debt quickly. It’s important to keep in mind that smoke-less casinos may be open in some places, but they’re not generally open all the time.

Many casinos are now beginning to offer “non-smoking” casino options. Some will allow patrons who don’t smoke to play their slots and tables. These types of casinos will probably still charge non-smokers a few dollars more per hour than the regular price, but many casino operators believe that this option makes it much easier to keep the casino staff busy with non-smokers, while keeping the casino clean and smoke-filled. In addition to helping reduce traffic problems, this type of casino offers a very unique type of entertainment.